BeePost 2024 – Frogs, Soomaa National Park


Underwater Fauna and Flora, EUROPA 2024 theme, Soomaa National Park (Pelobates fuscus) BeePost stamps are valid to pay for services of the companies acting under BeePost brand only. BeePost stamps are not valid to pay for any services of any other national or private postal operators. More info on [M/S 6 x 1v]

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BeePost 2022 LT Honey insects (Apis mellifera; Apis andreniformis; Apis cerana; Melipona scutellaris; Bombus lucorum; Bombus muscorum; Bombus ruderatus; Brachygastra mellifica; Polybia occidentalis; Myrmecocystus melliger) Background info: Melilotus offic

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